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Sep 07 2010 Published by under Hosting, News

As you no doubt noticed, we had a lot of trouble last week, due to hosting glitches. I'll tell you the whole story when I have time to write it down. But the short version is, "ANhosting" is a slimy bait&switch operation that royally screwed us over.

We're now happily migrated to a much more dependable host. You should notice an improvement in performance here at our new digs. And I've taken the opportunity to do some nice backend cleanups as long as I was moving us.

If you were subscribing to the sitewide feed, you'll need to update your subscription. The sitewide feed plugin that we were using at the old host was awful - so when I was rebuilding the system, I dumped it in favor of something that's much cleaner, and shouldn't cause any of the glitches that we experienced before.

There'll definitely be growing pains. Not everything has been completely updated here. So give us a few days. But we're here, and we're live, and you can comment again without worrying about the site getting randomly disabled by idiots.

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  • Synchronium says:

    There's been a fuckup that deserves some attention...

    Scientopia.org redirects to Scientopia.info with a temporary redirect (called a 302) instead of a permanent one (a 301). Fine for the users, but terrible news for search engines.

    As I hope you already know, pages and entire domains have a certain authority in the eyes of the search engines, which increases with time as you add content to the site and other sites link to it. A 301 redirect allows that authority to flow down to your new domain, while a 302 redirect doesn't. Hopefully it's obvious then, that leaving your setup as it is will piss all of you previously earned authority up the wall.

    Send me an email for some help with sorting it, or google those different types of redirect.

    • MarkCC says:

      It's deliberately temporary.

      This site is supposed to be scientopia.org, not scientopia.org. But due to yet another screw by the old hosting company, we're having trouble shifting the DNS record to point at a host outside of their network. The redirect is in place just until we get our DNS updated properly.

  • Synchronium says:

    Ah great. A further issue I would have had is that .org >> .info!

  • Jon H says:

    Can you get rid of the spyware-ish AddToAny plugin? It's annoying, and it tracks users, sending identifying information to a marketing firm.

  • Katherine says:

    There seems to have been a delay in updating the front page of the site: quite a few of the blog posts on it used to point back to the main page or to a 404 error. Significantly less of them do now, but I'm not sure if all of them were fixed. Super helpful, I know!